One of the most common questions asked about online school is: It it easy?

Our answer is, “It’s school.”

Because the question is so often asked, Primavera Online High School put together this article to help clear confusion.

In the past there were online schools who were not providing students with the quality curriculum they should have. But Primavera Online High School has been around since 2001, and we offer a real, accredited quality education.

School is never easy. But there are certainly benefits to online school versus traditional school.
Is Online High School Easy?
If it’s a public charter school, than its coursework is accredited, which means what you learn online is the same as what you learn at your traditional school. Accredited online schools can’t just make up lessons and hand you a free diploma. You do have to learn the material, take exams and earn your diploma.

While the coursework itself is not easier, there are benefits to an online school.

Flexible Schedule
Online students are expected to spend about 30 hours a week and complete weekly assignments and projects on time. But the difference is students are not tied to a physical building from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. every day. You can choose when and where you want to do your schoolwork.

In this sense, online school isn’t “easier,” but it can be less stressful because you can make school fit your lifestyle. You are not worried figuring out how to work in class time, sports, work and doctor appointments in one day. You can set your own schedule, and that relieves a lot of concerns for students who need flexibility due to life circumstances, jobs or extracurricular activities.

Keep in mind that more flexibility requires more discipline. Online instructors are readily available to help but it is your responsibility to complete assignments on time.

Engaging Curriculum
Online courses are unique to traditional schools. Despite common belief, online school is not simply a bunch of words on the page. In addition to reading, there are interactive multimedia elements integrated throughout each lesson. For Primavera, these elements include award-winning videos, graphic-novel stories, educational games and more to help you enjoy what you’re learning.

Personalized Support
If you had one hour to help 30 people, who would you go to first? Likely the ones who grab your attention first and ask for help. That’s the barrier a traditional classroom creates. With large class sizes, students must be vocal in order to receive any sort of help. Those who aren’t oftentimes fall through the cracks.

Online instructors have the benefit of taking care of each student individually. There are real-time online lectures similar to that of the traditional classroom, but that’s merely one point of contact–not the main form of interaction.

Like any other high school, online school is not easy. But it certainly can have its benefits. Head to to get started.