A Phoenix mother of two, Debra Baker, remembers first receiving a Health & Wealth Raffle brochure in the mailimage001 shortly after her family moved from Florida to Phoenix nine years ago.

“I honestly didn’t think it was real,” she says.

After consulting friends and relatives who assured her the Raffle really did award “all those prizes,” Baker decided to take a closer look at Barrow Neurological Institute and St. Joseph’s Hospital. “When I started looking at the cause, I thought this is worth buying a ticket for,” Baker says.

Through the years, Baker has won several small prizes and this time she hit it big—she won the 2014 Acura MDX plus $13,750 cash.

When Baker announced her big win to her family, “They kind of looked at me like I was crazy when I was running around yelling, ‘I won a car! I won a car!’”

Once Baker convinced them it was true, her 15-year-old daughter saw her opportunity: “Oh, can I have your old car?”

Other Early Draw winners:

·         Debra Baker, 2014 Acura MDX SUV plus $13,750 cash

·         Christine Lewellen, Billy Joel Concert Experience

·         Joseph Roskos, Cayman Islands Scuba Trip

·         Theodore Murphey, Dolce Salon and Spa Experience

·         Jean Ritter, Suns Suite Experience

Next up: May 1st, Early Draw deadline for four amazing prizes

Everyone who has bought a ticket by May 1—will be eligible for the next Early Draw including  2014 BMW 320i plus $11,200 cash, $10,000 cash, Jackson Hole Escape and James Taylor Concert Experience.


The Grand Prize deadline to purchase tickets for more than 2,400+ additional prizes, including the Grand Prize of 1 million dollars cash, is May 22, 2014.