There’s a crisis in Phoenix that nobody’s talking about. You encounter it every day, on every morning commute.

Consider this:

902,000 recalled cars are still on Phoenix’s roads. 

Think about that. There are hundreds of thousands of potentially unsafe cars on the roads every day that have the power to hurt you, your family, and other drivers around you. And it’s all because information about recalls is decentralized, unorganized, and notoriously difficult to find. 

In many cases, people aren’t even aware that their car is in recall. If they do find out about an open recall, they’re often stuck waiting months for a part. Worse, they might not even know where to service their car, or which centers have recall expertise.  

This is a mass public concern that’s extremely dangerous—but there’s a way to help that takes less than a minute.


1. Visit

2. Enter your car’s VIN 

3. Click “Check recall status”

4. If your car is in recall, you will be directed to a certified dealer to fix the problem is a nonprofit dedicated to making recall news centralized and accessible. With over more than 100 million vehicles in America affected by recalls, the need is more pressing than ever to end America’s recall crisis and make our roads safer.