The weather is warming up and that means it’s time to get out and explore! To help give you ideas, Primavera Online High School gathered a list of places to explore in Arizona. Check them out below.

1. Montezuma Castle

Located about 1.5 hours away from Phoenix, the Montezuma Castle in Camp Verde is a rare sight to see. The ancient Puebloan dwelling is carved straight out of the limestone cliff, and was believed to be a “high rise apartment complex.” Take a trip up north and explore inside the ancient cliff dwellings found only in Arizona! Learn more about Montezuma Castle here.

2. Devil’s Bridge

Once you’re finished venturing through the Montezuma Castle, drive a few minutes farther to the beautiful town of Sedona! The red rock country has several breathtaking views, including the Devil’s Bridge. Hike along the canyons and if you’re brave enough, walk over the narrow Devil’s Bridge for an amazing selfie. Read more about the hike here.

3. Horseshoe Bend

If you’re up for a trip, head over to Horseshoe Bend for yet another breathtaking view. You can hike along the canyon, or even head down and swim. And of course, it is pretty apart of the majestic Grand Canyon so you can stop by other areas to view as well! Plan your trip to see the Horseshoe Bend here.

4. The Thing?

To our southern Arizonans up for a road trip, we want to know: what is The Thing? Billboards along the Interstate 10 highway will keep you in suspense telling you to go check out the thing. Eventually, it will lead you to a small museum of sorts where you pay a $1 to see The Thing, but to date, they’ve kept what The Thing is a great secret. So if you’re feeling bored, go figure out just what that thing is! Read more on The Thing here.

5. Tombstone

Once you’ve made your way down south, you may as well embrace the western atmosphere and head to Tombstone. This old Arizona town has been frozen in time, and is a fun place to look around, shop, go on carriage rides and watch an old fashioned cowboy shoot off. Learn more about Tombstone here.

6. Kartchner Caverns

Located about 2.5 hours away from Phoenix and less than an hour from Tucson, the small town of Benson is home to some pretty enchanting places, including the Kartchner Caverns. This cave is one of the best-preserved caves in Arizona, and holds tons of stalactites, stalagmites and even wildlife for you to explore. Learn more about Kartchner Caverns here.