The idea of holding a single annual pass to only one entertainment venue has been reshaped. It’s simple, yet original to Arizona and many states for that fact. Families now have the option to forgo multiple memberships, and save big on entertainment in the Valley.

The Pogo Pass, brought to the Valley in 2012 by Shane Belliston, Mitch Jones, and Scott Hyatt began with seven venues, and has quickly expanded to include 17, with an expected 40,000 pass holders by the end of 2015.

The founders brought on reputable venues like The Phoenix Zoo, Sunsplash, The i.d.e.a. Museum, and free admission to DBacks games, ASU athletics, and more. “We want quality venues for our pass holders to enjoy”, says Amy Brinton Pogo Pass Sales Manager.

Brinton, a mother of four was hired by Pogo Pass just over a year ago to help promote sales.”The pass quickly pays for it’s self,” says Brinton. “pass holders won’t feel the need to visit every venue on the pass to get their money’s worth. With 17 venues, and multiple admissions to each, it’s a pass well suited to take any family through an entire year.”

Once purchased, the pass can instantly be printed or can be viewed and scanned from a smart phone at participating venues. “The pass is inexpensive, provides well rounded variety, and it’s easy to use! This is what families are after.” says Brinton.

Pogo Pass sales are led by Brinton, and Staci Allen who are both stay at home moms, and sister in-laws. Allen was hired on in 2013 by Pogo Pass as the lead Sales Director. “I can relate to the majority of our pass holders and have been able to network with other moms to create an outstanding sales team.” says Allen.

“We get asked if this pass is too good to be true often,” Allen says. “We just advise them to call one of the venues to see if they accept the Pogo Pass. That usually clears things up!”

The Pogo Pass takes families through all seasons. Sunsplash in the summer, The Phoenix Zoo in the cooler fall months, and has so many indoor venues like Phoenix Rock Gym, Makutu’s Island, and Skateland that are perfect year round. The Pogo Pass has changed the way families can save on entertainment and experience some of the Valleys favorite entertainment venues.

More Info on the Pogo Pass:

What: An annual pass for kids and adults that gives pass holders free admission to 17 entertainment venues in metro Phoenix.

When: The pass is valid for one year, starting on the purchase date.

Where: Venues include select Diamondbacks games (two games), Castles-n-Coasters (one visit), Makutu’s Island (two visits), Pump It Up (two visits), Phoenix Mercury (three games), Arizona Rattlers (three games), select ASU sports, Enchanted Island Amusement Park (four visits), Golfland Sunsplash (one visit), National Comedy Theatre (two shows), Phoenix Rock Gym (two visits), Phoenix Zoo (two visits), Stratum Laster Tag and Event Headquarters (two visits), Tempe Paintball (one visit per month), USA’s Skateland (two visits per month), Fat Cats (1 game/week) and the i.d.e.a. museum (two visits).

Price: $99.95; or $39.98 with the promo code ZONA

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