Online service gives shoppers the best of all worlds – quality, local-store service, same-day pickup, and internet prices.

A new online service called PriceLocal officially launches today in five cities including metro-Phoenix, Arizona that lets shoppers browse on Amazon and then get exactly what they want from participating local stores at the Amazon Prime price.

PriceLocal makes it insanely easy to shop local,” said PriceLocal founder Matt Chosid. “Whether you want to support local businesses or simply need something right away and can’t wait two or three days for delivery, PriceLocal helps you find what you want at a local store and get it today at the Amazon price.”

Statistics support PriceLocal’s appeal to shoppers. Recent research from American Express shows that 93% of shoppers believe it’s important to support local businesses. After all, for every $100 spent locally, approximately $68 stays in the community, according to a study by Civic Economics. Research from Boston Consulting Group shows that 79% of consumers strongly value same day possession of their purchases.

“By helping shoppers find the products they want at a local store willing to match the Amazon price, PriceLocal turns the corrosive ‘showrooming’ trend on its head and drives consumers back into local stores, where retailers can capitalize on their strengths – providing great service and putting products in shoppers’ hands today,” added Chosid.

Shoppers start their search at After installing PriceLocal for Chrome, Firefox or Safari on their desktop or laptop and finding a product on Amazon, users click the ‘PriceLocal’ button, sending a price match request to participating local stores. If a local store has the item and is willing to match the Amazon price, shoppers get a coupon for the item at that price, which they can print out or show on their phone when they go to the store.

Retailers sign up at After signing up, PriceLocal retailers receive Amazon Prime price match requests from local shoppers, which they can turn into foot traffic with the PriceLocal mobile web app for retailers.

To avoid any confusion over comparing prices with and without shipping charges, PriceLocal works with Amazon Prime products only, where the shipping charge is free. Neither retailers nor shoppers need to be members of Amazon Prime to use PriceLocal.

After a wildly successful pilot in Ann Arbor, Michigan last year, PriceLocal remains free for both consumers and retailers nationwide.


PriceLocal is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based online service that connects local stores with local consumers to deliver value to both. PriceLocal supports the Shop Local movement by offering an Amazon price matching service for local stores. Amazon and Amazon Prime are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. PriceLocal is not affiliated with, Inc. or its affiliates. For more information, visit