Students in PLC programs improve by nearly two grade levels in a school year.

With AzMerit test results showing many Arizona students falling below grade-level competency, Primavera Learning Centers is taking action through reading and math support programs available to 6–12th grade students.

The Primavera Learning Centers (PLC) in Chandler is a facility that combines face-to-face classroom teaching methods with online learning activities. In October of 2014, the PLC incorporated Scholastic’s Math 180™ and Read 180™ programs, intervention courses that are designed to help students struggling in these subjects. These programs are now available to any student needing help in reading or math.

Dr. Kevin Thrasher, executive director of the PLC, is excited for the opportunity to help more students become proficient in reading and math, subjects that are crucial for life as Dr. Thrasher said.

“Both reading and math are basic requirements for functioning in any job and society,” said Dr. Thrasher. “Individuals who struggle in the areas will also struggle in life, particularly with regards to the types of jobs they will be able to get. By opening these programs to the public, we can help students throughout the East Valley close the gap and gain foundational skills to get them back on grade level.”

Jose Pantaleon, 19, has been with the PLC for a year. Pantaleon was able to gain two grade levels in reading comprehension in only six months, compared to Scholastic’s estimation of a full school year.

“I love to hear about my results because it helps me see that I am getting smarter,” said Pantaleon. “When I feel like I’m getting smarter and learning more, it makes me feel like I’m getting closer to my goals and it helps me to stay motivated.”

On average, PLC students improve by nearly two grade levels in a school year. Read 180 and Math 180 run Monday through Friday, and regular attendance is required. The PLC is located at 2451 N. Arizona Ave Chandler, AZ 85225 on Arizona Avenue between Warner and Elliot roads. Regular attendance is required.