My company & title is…. Owner and Master Instructor with The Dailey Method Phoenix High Street.

A typical day in my life includes… Teaching classes and working with students to reach their goals. Training instructors and taking classes. Social media and marketing fun. Making sure the studio looks amazing! Being a mom, being a wife, being an entrepreneur…..and coffee…consuming lots of coffee.

My favorite thing about living/working in the Desert Ridge area is… My neighbors on High Street! What an amazing neighborhood I get to spend my day in. Walking up and down High Street, waving as I pass these friends who inspire me every day. I’m incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by these people who live and work here.

My family… is everything. I am the lucky mama of two young adults who are exploring what their lives look like. My husband, Aly, is a grounding example for me (especially when my ideas get a little “out there”) My family teaches me on a daily basis what it is to love. We grow, together. We challenge each other and at the end know that the love is there, totally and unconditionally.

The business lesson I learned the hard way is… to not take things so personally. Actually, I’m still working on this one. As a small business owner everything I do is personal. This studio is my soul, laid out for all to see. It takes practice and WORK to balance out the choices you make, so that the business can flourish but you still have a personal connection to the WHY of what you’re doing.

One thing I cannot live without… POPCORN. Not kidding. It’s my favorite thing.

The song I would sing at Karaoke night is… I know the words to lots of songs (since putting together playlists is a big part of my job), and I sing them all perfectly in my head (and often times in the mic during a cycle class) …but trust me, you DO NOT want me to sing at Karaoke.

The one person who motivates me is… I have found motivation from so many different people during different times of my life. Currently Brene Brown is a big one for me. She does a lot of work on living a whole-hearted life and feeling all the feels. It’s an important topic since I feel we are inundated with so many images of “perfect”.

The last thing that made me laugh out loud was… Oh man… I LOVE to laugh! Those videos of goats that faint, crack me up! Because we offer childcare at the studio, I almost always laugh at something the littles are doing or saying.
The perfect day would be… waking up without an alarm, spending the first hour of the day in quiet. Feeding Snoop, watering the plants, meditation…easing into the day. I would go to take a class, and connect with people, followed by lunch, then a movie and end the day with a dinner with my family.

My first job was… babysitting, wasn’t it every young girl’s first job? I started watching our neighbors’ kids when I was 13. I’m sure I was the best babysitter ever.

The actor I would want to play me in a movie of my life is… probably Kate Hudson. People have said I resemble her, so that would be easy. What I really love about her is the way she laughs, and the spark of joy in her eyes.

My life… Every day my intention is to approach everything with an open mind and heart. I fail miserably sometimes, and other times I totally get it. Finding balance between work and personal stuff is important, so I schedule in personal “me time”. I’m getting to where that “me time” doesn’t only include cleaning my house!

I’m currently working on… bringing understanding of what The Dailey Method is, and how we are different from other exercise studios. I want the world to know what proper alignment feels like in their body, and to appreciate why it is so important. I want each person to feel strong, and capable and amazing. It doesn’t matter how old you are (or how young), in shape or out of shape…our bodies are amazing and can do so much. You just have to trust and then try.

My dream vacation would be to… take three months and travel all over. I want to hike and eat, and be amazed at the wonders of the world, and then sit silently on a beach, breathing in the ocean air. There would be laughing, and massages, and adventure and probably (hopefully) popcorn.

My words of wisdom to aspiring business owners is… make sure you LOVE what you do. It makes the crappy things so much easier to deal with. Owning a business is hard work and there are so many things flying at you. Take time to breathe, re-evaluate what is in front of you and see if it aligns with your WHY.