My company and title is…. I am the founder and owner of Novas Labs. We produce and manufacture Wellphora, the well-known, high-quality CBD products that you find at your local farmers markets, retail outlets and at

A typical day in my life includes… awakening to my teen boys playing piano or guitar at 6 a.m. before they head to school. I split my time between two careers; I’m either heading into the Fire Station for my 48-hour shift or into to the lab to formulate CBD products and/or meet with our wholesale clients. Nights are equally hectic shuttling kids (some of whom don’t even belong to us) to their after-school activities. Weekends are filled with juggling three calendars of kids’ events.

My favorite thing about living/working in the Upper West Side area is… The people. I was born and raised in Glendale/Peoria and always run into friends I’ve made through the years no matter where we go.

One thing I cannot live without is… Dr. Pepper! I have given up this wonderful, delicious, sugary soda many times over for a diet or a few months break, but I love it and I keep going back. Dr. Pepper with crushed ice in the foam cup from Circle K is a drink from heaven for sure!

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a Firefighter. I was able to fulfill that dream and have spent the last 21+ years serving and protecting the citizens in and around the City of Peoria. As with others who have physically demanding occupations, injuries have led me to begin shortening my Fire Department career and begin reinventing myself professionally. I have been able to leverage my knowledge and background of 24 years as an emergency medical provider, Toxicology Paramedic, and Hazardous Materials Technician, into a new career of engineering and manufacturing high-quality, hemp-based CBD products. This allows me to keep helping our citizens through another avenue with greater reach.

The one person who motivates me is… My wife Stephanie is the single most important person that motivates me to follow and achieve my dreams. Her consistent commitment to family, marriage, friendships, helping others selflessly, and looking after her own health is truly inspiring. I have never met someone with so much self-discipline and such a kind heart. She makes everyone around her strive to be a better person. She lifts those up around her at every opportunity with a warm smile and words of encouragement.

The perfect day would be… Fly fishing on a river in Southwest Montana, family in tow, with the cool breeze and pine trees surrounding me. If I had a cold craft beer and a meal at the Gallatin River House, that would be the cherry on the sundae!

I’m currently working on… A program that will bring Wellphora CBD to First Responders, Veterans, Teachers, and Nurses all at a special discounted rate. These people are the heroes and backbone of our communities who sacrifice their lives, sleep, health, and time with their families for the safety and wellness of others. It is a passion of mine to be able to give back.