My company & title is… I am the owner of ARP Tax Pro. Our firm offers superior client services and consulting to individuals, professionals, and small/mid-size businesses.

A typical day in my life includes… Seeing clients, prospecting, educating and
conducting tax and financial seminars and

My favorite thing about living/working in the Upper West Side is… I have been living and working in Sonoran Foothills for 12 years, and my favorite thing about this place is that although it’s growing tremendously, it still feels small enough to get to know your neighbors!

My favorite movie I could never get tired of watching and why… “On Any Sunday” which is a motorcycle documentary from 1971 about the legends of the sport. It’s often credited as the best and/or most important motorcycle documentary ever made.

My family… ROCKS!

The business lesson I learned the hard way is… I failed… and had to get up and keep doing “it” until I figured it out. I had mentors there to help answer my questions! It’s been more than 20 years since “those days!”

One thing I
cannot live without…
Cooking! I’m intensely passionate about it, and love preparing a great meal for my family and friends.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… Professional Motocross/Supercross Racer.

The song I would sing at Karaoke night is… ANY Led Zeppelin song – you really can’t go wrong.

The one person who motivates me is… Myself. I am big on self-motivation and am constantly yelling at myself to not be lazy, and to not be a quitter! Haha.

The last thing that made me laugh out loud was… Making fun of myself…I’m pretty good at that! Hey, if ya can’t laugh at yourself…

The perfect day would be… Closing a huge “deal” and then spending the rest of the day with family & friends.

My first job was… Picking up golf balls at the local golf range… BY HAND!

My life is… Ridiculously blessed!

I’m currently working on… My business…and IN my business.

The best gift I’ve ever received was… Healthy children.

The actor I would want to play me in a movie of my life is… James Dean. He’s good looking and a bit shy but doesn’t put up with any bull-xxxx!

My dream vacation would be to…Take out a motorhome and camp anywhere within the United States…THE greatest country on the planet.

My words of wisdom to aspiring business owners… Do good, be good.