The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has released its state profiles. For Arizona, PVSchools has made the list of Top five districts for the total number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) and the number of current candidates.
According to the statistics released for Arizona, PVSchools currently has 103 NBCTs and 36 current candidates.

“PVSchools is proud of our National Board Certified teachers and candidates. These teachers represent the best of the profession. Their professionalism, dedication to student learning, and commitment to exceptional practice impact their students, schools, and community each day,” says Dr. Dan Courson, PVSchools’ assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.

National Board Certification is the highest certificate an educator can achieve in the United States. Administered by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Board certification is a rigorous and reflective process that requires teachers to showcase the National Board Standards in their practice. Teachers often take up to three years of continual work to achieve certification. Research shows that students of NBCTs have improved learning outcomes.

Since 1996, teachers throughout Arizona have been seeking and achieving National Board Certification. The Arizona K12 Center provides support and resources for teachers to pursue National Board Certification. This year, 48 Arizona teachers achieved certification. Altogether, Arizona is home to 1,576 NBCTs with 660 teachers currently pursuing National Board Certification.