Qi-Gong, pronounced chee gong, is widely understood in China, yet little known in the United States.  It is a way of positively affecting and directing qi (chee), the life force, for any kind of benefit.

Qi-Gong Master, Ric Rawlings, of Black Canyon City is offering a free class – Monday, May 18th – 6 p.m.

 This Qi Gong class is something that you can do for your self or to others thru the powers of Energy.


Learn More – These classes are free to the community ~ Call (602) 689-5424  –

Ric Rawlings has practiced Qi-Gong for over 15 years ~ “I don’t heal you, you heal yourself.  I just move your qi where it needs to be and you and your body does the rest.”  Ric Rawlings

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