Soon we’ll be heading into a prime selling season.

Homes that languish on the market generally don’t sell for one or two reasons. Being priced too high is usually the number one reason a property doesn’t sell. Whether the property is in primo condition/location or needs a total remodel, price is the key.

Buyers have lots to choose from so if a home is priced higher than the market indicates and no offers have been forthcoming that’s likely the problem. A buyer isn’t concerned about a seller’s financial situation or how much they paid they just want to purchase at a fair price.

Always be sure the home is clean and tidy. Declutter things you’re going to dispose of and/or pack things you plan to take with you and put them in storage.

A little fresh paint and basic repairs are always wise. Get your carpets cleaned. If you want to take it up a notch, replace the counter tops if they’re out of date. Quartz or Granite give kitchens and bathrooms a fresh look and that’s what buyers want. (it brings a higher value visually).

Buyers interested in taking on a home to remodel will need to purchase below comparable homes that are up-to-date because, of course, they must evaluate the cost of updating so the total investment is in line with the current market. If a home isn’t current, you must price accordingly.

If there is a problem with the property that is out of the seller’s control, such as being close to a commercial building, railroad track or construction that might impede a buyer’s enjoyment of the property, that must be taken into account when pricing.

The seller’s goal is to attract a qualified buyer who can and will pay market price. Your Realtor is there to guide you based on statistics and experience so it’s good to put aside personal emotions about the property and price correctly.