Rubble and Legend
by J. Adam Burch and Stacey Lane
There is no world like the one seen from a four-wheel drive, all-terrain/utility vehicle. As you suit up for hours of off-road leisure, the roar of the engines signal the beginning of your adventure of the Bridge Through the Bradshaw Mountains. This is not a Jeep tour, or for the faint at heart. For those who seek the thrilling and historic far reaches of the Bradshaw Mountain Range; located near Black Canyon City, Arizona, Outdoor Tours will take you where ghost towns have long turned to rubble and legend.
Arizona Outdoor Fun Rentals is complete with many options and features nice, new and reliable rentals and equipment. Free protective apparel was offered upon our arrival.   This complete outfitter tailors trips and recreational adventures suited to your needs.  For tours, all riders choose the type of off-road vehicle and engine size they want to ride either half or full-day and include maps, water, extra fuel, helmets, goggles and gloves.
Explore native paths and dramatic landscapes.  The watchable wildlife also enjoy the wide open spaces that you will cover while the burros, mountain goats, javelinas and mule deer randomly roam .  An exploration may include a tour through Gillet, located on the Agua Fria River, where you will catch legend in its breeze.
Gillett, once upon a time, had its share of law breaking activities that include the town’s blacksmith robbing the Wells Fargo stage coach outside of town.  Employ your senses as you get tipsy with bar fights or the tree hangings that still hang in the air.   An adventure into Gillet was provided by the frisky and informative Arizona Outdoor Fun Tour Guide, Luis Colon.
Put a little gravel in your travel, and enjoy your year round tailored adventures in Arizona with Arizona Outdoor Fun.  Visit; or call (602) 400-2445.
Pictured; from left; Arizona Outdoor Fun Tour Guide, Luis Colon, gears up for a backcountry adventure tour in Black Canyon City with resident rider J. Adam Burch.
Photos by; Rapid Fire Photography