Graphic Courtesy of Anthem Community Council

This month, the $1.44 million renovation to further develop the existing skatepark on Gavilan Peak Parkway and Anthem Way begins.

The renovations include allowing a combined space for bicycles, scooters, and skateboards, and adding a new pump track for skaters. The project is set to be completed in December. Its budget was approved at an Anthem Community Council meeting in March.

The project is not funded by an operational budget but instead comes out of an enhancement fund, which comes from the sales of new homes in the area.
A volunteer board directs the Anthem Community Council and executive staff that sets and supports the policies in the master planned community, according to the council. The community is supported by three homeowners’ associations, managed and operated separately from the council, but also working together for the collective good and benefit of Anthem, the council cites.

The skatepark expansion is being developed by MayDall Construction and Pillar Design Studios, and the design was created after seeking public input online and through community meetings. The skatepark expansion project is the final part of the Facilities Master Plan, which was approved by the board and community in 2016.