Get out your pencil and paper and take note of some of the latest news from the Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD).

DVUSD Staffer Named 2021 Arizona Ed Tech Specialist Coach of the Year
AzTEA, or Arizona Technology in Education Association, believes a significant impact can be made at every educational level. They recognize educators, support personnel, administrators, and community members who demonstrate exemplary commitment to education technology in Arizona. Recently, Deer Valley Unified School District’s Michelle Coots, Technology Specialist, was awarded the 2021 Ed Tech Specialist Coach of the Year by AzTEA. This award recognizes someone who works to help support staff in DVUSD schools in bringing technology integration into classrooms. “Michelle is a true change agent who has helped teachers, students and families navigate distance learning,” according to DVUSD. She designed an internal technology hub for staff and an external technology hub for parents to support both groups to learn about Canvas, Zoom and each of the technology tools used by students. In addition, she organized trainings for parents, teachers, and other educators and provided opportunities for ongoing learning.

Legend Springs’ Principal named GCU Principal of the Month
DVUSD partner Grand Canyon University (GCU) selects an award-winning principal each month to recognize their great work. Recently, GCU selected Legend Springs Principal Nichole Basl as their Principal of the Month because she has demonstrated outstanding creativity and vision at her school. “We look at principals who excel in one area of either STEM, trauma-informed practice, or innovation. To be quite honest, Nichole is celebrated in all three areas, and that is very rare,” says Grand Canyon University’s Director of Academic Alliances Dr. Jennifer Johnson.

Nichole provides amazing opportunities for students and staff, including technology in music, STEM classes that include robotics and coding, digital citizenship, monthly STEM Day at each grade level, and much more. She is a leader and helps spread best practices for her multi-school Professional Learning Communities. She also emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in her school programming. “If there was ever a time in the history of Arizona education for someone to be able to bring everyone together and to really focus on what is best for kids on such an enriching environment, it’s Nichole and it’s today,” says Johnson.

NEW Pop-Up Food Bank Behind New River Elementary
DVUSD has been working with the Foothills Food Bank to organize a Pop-Up Food Bank behind New River Elementary, located at 48827 N. Black Canyon Highway. The pantry is open to community members every Friday from 2:30-4 p.m. through June 1 and provides perishable and non-perishable foods as long as supplies last. No proof of income is required.