AzM2 Perfect Scores Across DVUSD
The AzM2 statewide testing results for Deer Valley show that 80% of DVUSD schools had at least one student with the highest possible scale score—essentially a perfect score—on either the English language arts or math test. That’s 411 students with perfect assessments across the district!

In addition, Deer Valley has 18 students who had perfect scores on both assessments (English language arts and math). See below for the names of these extraordinary students listed with the school they attended and their grade last school year when they took the AzM2 tests.
• Canyon Springs STEM Academy – Violet Kaye, 8th grade
• Diamond Canyon School – Bentley Waaraniemi, 3rd grade
• Highland Lakes School – Kenzie Cota, 5th grade; Gurveer Grover, 4th grade; Shay Nelson, 4th grade; Joseph Phetteplace, 6th grade; Aiden Young, 7th grade
• Hillcrest Middle School – Alyssa Kalk, 7th grade
• Sierra Verde STEAM Academy – Chloe Chagolla, 5th grade; Reese Poczulp, 7th grade; Dax Powers, 7th grade; Ethan Vaughn, 7th grade
• Sonoran Foothills School – Jonathan Azurin, 4th grade
• Stetson Hills School – Sarah Hayden, 4th grade
• Terramar Academy of the Arts – Marlowe Dockter, 6th grade (achieved for the third time); Bailey Fetter, 6th grade; Sarah Vaughn, 8th grade
• West Wing School – Christian Bala, 8th grade

MRHS Student Captures State and National Championships
Mackenzie Bremser, a junior at Mountain Ridge High School, competed at the Educators Rising State and National Competition in the Lesson Planning Delivery-STEM category, winning top honors at both levels. For the competition, Bremser created a lesson plan to deliver to Algebra 1-2 Honors students at the neighboring DVUSD school, Hillcrest Middle School. She enlisted the guidance of Mrs. Solano, an algebra teacher at Hillcrest, and crafted a lesson plan to deliver to Solano’s students.

Due to COVID-19, Bremser recorded herself teaching the lesson and sent her video in for judging at the state and national level. Bremser took home the state championship title in the Lesson Planning & Delivery-STEM category for the lesson she delivered. Bremser decided to challenge herself, competing in the national Educators Rising competition and capturing first place there as well.
After graduation, she plans to study education and follow in the footsteps of her mother, a high school teacher at Sandra Day O’Connor High School in DVUSD. “I have really found a passion for teaching. I would love to teach middle school or high school math,” Bremser says. “My mom is my biggest inspiration as I’ve seen how she has impacted so many students’ lives being a teacher. I’ve seen her be the teacher who doesn’t just teach curriculum but is a support system and helps her students grow as people, and I would love to one day be able to make that same impact.”

DVUSD Distributes Special Report to
the Community
The 2021-2022 Special Report to the Community has been mailed to every home in the Deer Valley Unified School District. This annual report serves to provide the community with a view of how funding is allocated across the district. DVUSD has spearheaded initiatives and projects that will not only continue to move the district forward, but also promote fiscal transparency and responsible spending. To view the report and see additional information about projects, initiatives, and programs featured in this year’s publication, visit