The Musical Theatre of Anthem (MTA) rocked the Ridgeline Academy schoolhouse on October 30 with a production of Schoolhouse Rocks.    MTA presented animated shorts that incorporate songs illustrating educational subjects such as history, multiplication tables, basic grammar and science.   MTA produces full-scale, professional productions for ages 3 to adult and their mission is to develop youth and adults within the field of performing arts while enhancing their intrinsic creativity and brokering their vast talents.

The students at Ridgeline Academy enjoyed the fun and well produced production while learning about various subjects. “I learned about adjectives, nouns and interjections,”  fourth-grader Kelsi Simpson said.  The room sizzled with learning via vibrant interactions with the MTA crew.   “I liked how well they danced and when the actors and actresses became teachers,”  fourth-grader Kaisha Hernandez added.

MTA casts all youth who audition because they believe that every child deserves a chance to shine on stage while learning and growing as a performing artist. Participants are trained in all aspects of the performing arts including Vocal, Dance, Acting, Improv, Pantomime, Props, Sets, and more.

“I was amazed by the talent from the kids and the choreography in the dances was phenomenal,” said para-professional, Krystol Morales, with a smile.

The Musical Theatre of Anthem’s Outreach Group is a group of elite, award-winning performers who tour around the valley to serve their community. They have performed at countless events and festivals, UMOM, nursing homes, Veterans Events and Disneyland. They have also performed the National Anthem for the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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