New nearby movie theatre alert! Scottsdale Quarter just announced that Landmark Theatres, the nation’s largest specialized theatre chain, will become the shopping center’s premier movie theatre operator. The eight screen venue is slated to open this fall.

“We’re excited to add Landmark Theatres to our elevated retail lineup and to bring a unique moviegoing experience to the community,” says Richard Hunt, General Manager of Scottsdale Quarter. “The new cinema will be a great complement to the shopping center and adds to our already dynamic offering of shopping, dining, and entertainment.”

“We are very excited to extend our brand in a beautifully designed luxury theatre in an upscale center,” says Landmark Theatres President and COO Paul Serwitz. “This announcement is especially joyous for us, coming out of a period of pandemic-induced retraction of business in the world at large.”

The opening of the theatre will time perfectly with the onslaught of prestige pictures that are released during the award season cycle and will offer locals the opportunity to see these films in an upscale setting. This is Landmark’s first theatre in the market; the theatre will open in the former IPIC Theaters space.

“The Landmark at Scottsdale Quarter will be a sophisticated setting for a new community to engage with our brand that elevates the moviegoing experience and is known for its wide-ranging programming and discerning audience,” says Serwitz. “This theatre is a perfect fit and we look forward to entertaining the community for years to come.”

Founded in 1974, Landmark Theatres is dedicated to independent cinema and high-quality mainstream film with 220 screens in 23 markets. The company provides filmgoers with numerous amenities, including the best in digital projection, seating, gourmet concession items, as well as Landmark’s signature brand of customer service. On the programming side, the company has become a recognized industry leader in the sector, anticipating trends and opportunities and new areas for growth and exploration, according to Landmark.

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