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Imagine it’s a cloudy day, you are outside and it feels cool. All of a sudden, the clouds shift, the sun is revealed and a rush of warmth comes over you. This warm feeling is an infrared band of sunlight heating your body. Professional athletes and celebrities have been harnessing the benefits of infrared, called infrared therapy, inside of infrared saunas.

“Infrared heat can greatly benefit the sore, damaged or tired muscles of an athlete. The heat penetrates the muscles, increasing blood circulation, and assisting muscle repair. Infrared heat will also help in the reduction of lactic acids, allowing tight and worn out muscles to relax,” according to Sunlighten, a top national infrared sauna brand.

While infrared has traditionally only been available to the ultra-wealthy, infrared therapy is now becoming more widely available.

What can infrared therapy do for you?
According to studies and infrared experts, infrared saunas help to improve impurities from your cells, specifically cells inside where our fat is and where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals.

Weight Loss
Studies have shown that benefits of an infrared saunas session can burn upward of 500 calories while you relax. As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn calories.

Pain Relief
Infrared heat penetrates tissue, joints, and muscles to relieve anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions. Pain management professionals incorporate infrared heat therapy into treatment plans to decrease pain and to speed up recovery time.

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. Far infrared waves benefit the body by heating it directly, causing a rise in core temperature, resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the level where toxins reside.

Heating the muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow similar to that seen during exercise. Regular infrared sauna use, especially in the mid-infrared range, can significantly stimulate blood flow up to twice the normal rate.

Blood Pressure
Infrared therapy induces a deep sweat to make the heart pump faster, which in turn increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and helps circulation.

The near-infrared wavelength is the most effective wavelength for healing the epidermis and dermis layers. Near-infrared treatments stimulate collagen production of the skin to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tones.

Scientific research has concluded that near infrared therapy gently enhances the body’s healing process by promoting faster cell regeneration and human tissue growth. Recover from injuries, soreness, and stiffness in an infrared sauna.

Do you want to experience far infrared heat right now? Take your hands and put your palms together. Move your hands about ½ inch apart. You will feel warmth emanating from your palms. This is far infrared heat very similar to the heat of infrared saunas. Radiant far infrared is all around us and is essential for human life.

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