Jim Ford started full time in Scottsdale with Rural/Metro Fire Department on August 1, 1975 and joined Scottsdale Fire Department (SFD) in 2005 as the Deputy Chief Fire Marshal. He recently said farewell to SFD. He will work with the Town of Cave Creek and their efforts to join the Regional Automatic Aid System.

“The City of Scottsdale only had three fire stations when I started, and now as I come to the close of my time here, the city will soon have 16 fire stations,” Ford says. “Throughout all of this incredible growth and change, I consider myself blessed to have been able to play a small part and work with some amazing visionaries that were associated with the local political leadership, the incredible employees that serve this community, and the fire department professionals.”

Chief Ford is the author of the Scottsdale 10- and 15-year in-depth research study on the positive effects to a community’s fire protection initiatives resulting from the implementation of a comprehensive, built-in automatic sprinkler ordinance. He has presented on the “Scottsdale Sprinkler Success Story” to fire, industry and political leaders in Canada, Wales, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Aruba, Prague, Singapore, and throughout the U.S.

“Jim Ford has been an incredible asset and advocate for fire prevention all over the world,” says Scottsdale Fire Chief Tom Shannon. “There is no question his dedication to Scottsdale and saving lives is above and beyond. He will truly be missed.”