By Ryan Englin, CEO of Inspire Business Concepts

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A lot of time and money is spent on websites, yet most have problems bringing in customers. A sale can be won or lost because of a website, and it’s the small mistakes that can lose customers.

Here are six of the most common mistakes.

  1. Hidden contact information. There are only two reasons someone visits your site and to contact you is one of them. Do not hide your contact information on one page, simply put your phone number in the header of the site.
  2. Difficult site. Avoid fancy graphics and complicated navigation. When it comes to your site, less is truly more. And unless your customers expect it, avoid complex jargon.
  3. It’s all about you. A customer is focused on what their problem is and how you can solve it. All pages must have content driven to solve the customer’s pain, not brag about your business. Page content is meant to support the customer and communicate what’s in it for them if they do business with you.
  4. Customers are lost. Don’t get into trouble by over complicating the website navigation. Confusing navigation is not the time to be clever. An About Us page titled “Why We Rock!” may confuse customers. If it’s really an About Us page, name it so. Product and services pages should also be obviously named. Customers engage more when the name of a navigation tab or link matches the content on the page it goes to.
  5. Missing information. A website acts as a company’s bio and is how a customer first gets to know who, why, and what a company does. Things a customer would look for on a website, such as department numbers or how to get free samples, should be obviously listed and explained in a website’s content.
  6. Old content. Launching a brand-new site with new content is great, but all that work goes to waste if new content is not posted regularly. Content can quickly become old news and customers notice.

Websites should always win a sale. Improve the customer experience and sell more by fixing any of these six common mistakes.