Primavera Online High School’s summer school program has grown tremendously over the past couple years to be the largest program in Arizona, with thousands of students enrolling every summer. Our summer school program grows in popularity because it is tuition free and online, but another large factor is the personalization for each student’s needs.

Primavera Online High School has compiled a few scenarios for both students and parents to help you determine if our summer school courses are a good fit for you.

Student Scenario 1: You didn’t do so hot in a class

If you didn’t do “so hot” in that math class, Primavera is a great place to make up credits. Because our 100% online summer school courses last four weeks, you can get caught up quickly on up to two courses over the summer. Plus, you’ll have teachers and counselors supporting you every step of the way.

Student Scenario 2: There’s not enough room in your schedule for all the electives you love

High school is a great time to discover your talents and try out something new, but that can get tricky when there’s only room for an elective or two each semester. That’s where you can utilize summer school; knock out a class over the summer so you can have room for more electives during the school year.

Student Scenario 3: You’re done with the high school life, and ready to graduate.

If you can’t wait to finish high school, it is possible to graduate early. Taking summer school courses with Primavera is a great way to get ahead quickly on credits. Students can take two courses over the summer, and are welcome to enroll concurrently with Primavera throughout the school year as well, in order to graduate up to a year early.

Parent Scenario 1: Your child needs summer school, but you aren’t able to provide transportation

Figuring out rides for summer school can get complicated, especially since traditional summer school is half a day. Because it is 100% online, Primavera does not require transportation, which makes helping your child get back on track much more doable.

Parent Scenario 2: Your child needs more support in tricky subjects

If your child failed a course, Primavera might be a better option for them because of its supportive environment. Teachers remain in contact with students through emails, phone calls, instant messaging and personal online tutoring sessions. Summer school is very fast-paced, and taking it with Primavera will allow for more personalized attention to help your child succeed.

Parent Scenario 3: You don’t want your child’s brain to turn to mush over the summer

If you’re worried about your child being home all day with nothing to do, Primavera has a number of electives courses available. From psychology to retailing, enrolling in a four-week course is a great way to help your child learn and stay occupied throughout the summer.

Credits you earn with Primavera are fully transferrable to all Arizona public schools, although we suggest you review your current school’s policies before enrolling. For more information on transferring credits, head to this article.

To learn more about summer school courses, call 480.405.2703.