Since 2011, the Harvest Compassion Center has been serving guests throughout the Valley. Operated with a staff of volunteers, the food and clothing bank meets the needs of individuals and their families who may be going through a hardship.

The HCC strives to be more than just a local food bank, it’s your one-stop shop! It is set up like a mini-mart, where guests are able to shop and choose their desired food, hygiene products, baby item, various home products and clothing FREE of charge. We are open to the general public and provide service to anyone living in Arizona, as there are no pre-qualifications or appointments ever needed.

1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults live with food insecurity in Arizona. Arizona ranks 3rd highest in the U.S. for child food insecurity rates with 456,760 children facing hunger daily! By providing life’s necessities, HCC guests can use their food budget on rent, utilities, and transportation, allowing more children to stay in their homes.

The Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix needs your gently used clothing, home items and kid’s toys/books, as well as, brand new toys to give out during the holidays. Community families and businesses may also donate by becoming a monthly FEED 1 Partner, for only $28.00 dollars a month and FEED 1 family with us! Or one can take full advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and telling one’s tax dollars where to go. All donation, FEED 1 and Tax Credit information can be located on our website at:

Harvest Compassion Center Phoenix

4744 E. Thunderbird Road Ste. 9

Phoenix, AZ 85032