By Emma Wolff

With spring just around the corner, it is a great time open the windows, watch the flowers bloom and, of course, start your spring cleaning. Although this may seem like a daunting task, cleaning does not have to be such a chore.

Samuel Tapia, owner of Proficient Shield, LLC, says there are three simple steps to cleaning your house: don’t forget about little spaces, stay on top of it, and invest in a few staple cleaning products.

Don’t Forget About Little Spaces
When cleaning a house, people often focus on big spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms or the kitchen. While that’s great, there are a ton of little spaces that get neglected in the process. Some of these areas include celling fans and light fixtures. Living in Arizona, celling fans accumulate a lot of dust, but it goes unnoticed since the fans are almost always in motion. Make sure to give these a good dusting at least once a month. Light fixtures also get dusty and grimy. Give lightbulbs a quick cleaning to brighten up the room and make a huge difference.

Stay on Top of It
Tapia explains, “Do a deep clean once a year; spring is a perfect time for this. From there, if you clean weekly, biweekly or monthly it will not be as big of an undertaking. When cleaning the first time, it may take longer but the simple upkeep will make your life so much easier.”

Invest In a Few Staple Cleaning Products
The options in the cleaning aisle can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to grab. Tapia says to get a Magic Eraser, especially if you have little ones who like to draw on the wall. Another staple at Proficient Shield, LLC is a pumice scouring stone, which helps remove stubborn lime scale toilet rings and stains. These two items are affordable and will make cleaning a breeze.

Lisa Marshman, with Johnson’s Home Cleaning, has been cleaning Valley homes for over 25 years. She happily shares some great tips about how to make spring cleaning more efficient.

Clean Top to Bottom
“Start cleaning the highest areas in the home first and work your way down. This will help cover all spots and prioritize the areas that collect the most dust and dirt,” says Marshman.

Organize and Declutter
Marshman tells her clients to start by removing all the odds and ends that accumulate in a house. Examples include mail that needs to be tossed, bills that needs to be paid, shoes that are left in odd places. “It is hard to start the deep cleaning process when there is so much stuff in the way,” she says. “Use springtime as an opportunity to organize and declutter. Make sure to pack away winter clothes and thick blankets to make more room. We definitely don’t need those in the summer.”

And, if spring cleaning seems like an overwhelming task to take on, don’t hesitate to call in the pros for help. To learn more, visit or