When switching to an online school, a lot of parents worry their children will not get enough socialization. In reality, online students have several opportunities to connect with classmates and make friends. Here’s a couple of the many ways students can socialize in an online environment.


Online Student Community

Most online schools will have a ‘community’ where they can connect online with classmates, participate in group projects or even talk outside of the classroom to make friends in a safe, inviting environment.


At Primavera Online High School, students have a Parent Student Portal where they can access grades and directly communicate with their teachers and classmates. Having this venue of communication allows students not only the ability to interact with classmates, but also allows for greater personal attention from teachers as Principal George Barnes said.


We know that our students are diverse and so are their communication needs,” said Barnes. “Primavera uses a variety of methods to assist in the multiple lives that we serve and not pose as any obstacles to our students’ greatness.”


Online Student Clubs

The beauty of clubs in a traditional school setting is that it not only helps student make friends, but it also encourages them to develop their talents. Going to an online school can still grant your children those same benefits through online student clubs.


Many online schools will host a wide variety of online student clubs for students to connect with classmates who share similar interests. In most instances, these clubs meet virtually online and occasionally hold in-person events.

School Events

For students who are more outgoing, in-person interaction can be achieved. Just about any online school in Arizona holds school events in various locations throughout the state to meet classmates and have some fun.



One of the biggest worries about leaving traditional school is not getting to experience prom; however, prom is an option for all types of students. The majority of school proms allow students outside of the school to attend as a guest, providing they follow certain guidelines.


Additionally, some online schools such as Primavera Online hold their own prom. Every year, Primavera hosts a school dance open to all students and their friends to attend.


School events such as these allow online students to interact and socialize in a community where they can be themselves, as Barnes said.


To give an idea of what kind of school we are for student life, I am undefeated in dance battles against students,” said Barnes. “We enjoy what we do and the students who choose to be more involved find themselves going to pep rallies at the capital or coming to one of our glow chalk parties. Primavera is a school that offers true freedom for a student to experience life free from environmental conditions that sadly are a norm for so many traditional schools.”