The Sky’s the Limit

by J. Adam Burch and Stacey Lane

Destination Flagstaff for those seeking stellar experiences

A leisurely morning makes way for lunch, but your hunger for the long anticipated Arizona adventure pulls at you. Before you know it, you are strapped into a harness and take to the trees courtesy of the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course as it delivers the adrenaline rush you have been craving since your arrival.

The Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course provides an unique outdoor experience in which participants can overcome long-standing fears and test their limits in a supportive environment. The highly­trained staff will take you through a demonstration course step by step. This course starts climbers at fifteen feet above ground and provides instruction in proper safety procedures that need to be maintained as the course gradually elevates to sixty feet via cable­bridge obstacles and speedy zip lines.

There are multiple large circuits on the adult courses that each contain a mix of 10 to 17 different obstacles including rope swings, wobbly ladders and wall mounts. Junior courses are available, too. If you are extreme enough to make it through the entire color coded, five-course tour in the trees, then you’re entitled to purchase the coveted Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Tours T-shirt (only available in black).

Overall, the experience  will leave you a step closer to recognizing and accepting your limits, strengths and abilities. Effective communication and trust are vital when scrambling across obstacles and managing safety lines. At any level, you are sure to feela sense of accomplishment that won’t leave you hanging.

The Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course is located three miles south of Flagstaff in the historic Fort Tuthill County Park. This 413-acre regional park is the home of the annual Coconino County Fair held on Labor Day Weekend. The Park also features a Military Museum, campground, picnic areas and scenic trails.

Visit flagstaffextreme.com  for more details, prices and hours, or phone 1.888.259.0125.


Photos by; Rapid Fire Photography

As the evening fades to black, you might be tempted to take a last look at the stars at one of the oldest astronomical observatories in the United States. Established in 1894, the Lowell Observatory, situated on Mars Hill close to downtown Flagstaff, has been called one of “The World’s Most Important Places.” Multi-media programs designed to please amateurs and expert stargazers alike are available night and day. On March 13,the Lowell Observatory unveiled a new exhibit, Pluto at 85: From Discovery to New Horizons. It features a combination of interactive elements and unique Pluto-related artifacts from the Observatory’s collections.

The March 13th opening commemorated the birthday of Observatory founder, Percival Lowell, in 1855 d also the day in 1930 when the Observatory announced Pluto’s discovery. The exhibit is scheduled to run through the end of 2015 and is part of Lowell’s “Year of Pluto” celebration that recognizes Flagstaff’s special ties to Pluto, including the New Horizons spacecraft’s flyby of this icy world in July.

For a Stellar Experience – The Observatory is located at 1400 W. Mars Hill Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.  A calendar of programs and activities can be found at lowell.edu. Telephone: (928) 774-3358