Hold on to your hats friends – stuffs about to get real in the North Valley. Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy welcomes reality TV stars and contestants from Americas Got Talent and Last Comic Standing – funny guys J Chris Newberg and Monroe Martin.

J Chris Newberg appears August 3rd to 7th and Monroe Martin’s scheduled appearances are August 17th to 21st.

Like Youtube – Reality Television has created its own unique cast of celebrities. In many instances new found celebrity and/or social media celebrity is unfairly earned. Some people are famous for simply being famous. This isn’t a new concept, just ask any Kardashian, Hilton, Gabor or Housewives of Any City. However when the newfound celebrity in question was already a struggling artist, honing his or her skill in night clubs, theaters, fringe festival and street performing around the world – the instant celebrity like status seems more warranted.

J Chris Newberg and Monroe Martin are these types of guys. You want them to succeed. They weren’t wealthy housewives living in the lap of luxury and then handed their own TV series. They are two hard working artists, who have struggled for their art, travelled the globe perfecting their art, slept, ate and drank their art.

J Chris Newberg started his career in the heartland of the hard working. He’s a blue-collar, Detroit Michigan boy. J Chris appeared on America’s Got Talent and was the stand out Howie Mandel favorite.

Monroe Martin was a product of the Philadelphia Foster Care Program going from one dysfunctional home to another before becoming a fan favorite on Last Comic Standing.

It’s so much easier and a lot more fun to root for the blue-collar guy who’s busted his butt to get to where they’re at. Someone who’s started with nothing, put in the hours, blood, sweat and tears. Everyone loves a Rocky Balboa!”, said Rick Bronson – owner of The House of Comedy and Valley resident.

Monroe Martin is a colorful and imaginative comedian with a lifetime of hard knock experiences that have been spun into side-splitting jokes and stories. Sit in the audience of one of Monroe’s performances and you’ll find yourself laughing at his adversity.

Monroe’s honest and open approach to joke and storytelling universalizes his experiences. Monroe says All good comedians speak of life experience through their own unique perspectives.” Based on his experiences, audiences are treated to an evening of insightfully honest comedy. Monroe’s creative and charismatic comedic voice has created a buzz within the Global comedy community. His intelligent and hysterical perspective resonates with audiences and comics alike, and has earned him wide respect among his peers.

You’ve seen Monroe on Last Comic Standing. He can also be seen on the upcoming season of Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central. Monroe has also been featured on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live.

J. Chris Newberg’s refreshingly smart and edgy humor, delivered with a streetwise sense of philosophic cool, has propelled the guitarist/songwriter-cum-comedian to the forefront of the national comedy scene.

While critics have been singing his praises in the press, audience members are offering true testimonial to Newberg’s talent, roaring with laughter, and clamoring for more of this hip and authentic personality. Newberg’s stand up comedy cleverly combines his hilarious and off-beat observations on life with original, acoustic guitar songs, and infectious melodies. Picture Bob Dylan and his six-string with Dennis Miller’s incisive and cerebral wit. Well, not quite Miller, but definitely the occasional big word.

J Chris performed on America’s Got Talent, but lost to some sparking dancers. He has also been on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live & Comedy Central. He has toured with Dane Cook and written songs for American Idol. Cedric The Entertainer said, He has got an odd sense of humor and he is unique in his point of view. His quirkiness and his own kind of demeanor are things that can go a long way in this business.  Talented folks will see it, and the industry will see it.”

A hard working blue-collar boy from Michigan and a passed around foster child from Philly. How can you not root for them?

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