Local Arizona Women Launch Subscription Box in August for Adults Who Like Crafted Arts

Local entrepreneur Heidi Koffman and working mom Jennifer Racer are excited to announce the launch of The Hippie Hobby box– an every-other-month subscription box that takes the guesswork out of DIY crafting – offering subscribers fun, stress-free projects with a natural twist delivered direct to their doorstep. Registration begins in August for their first distribution which ships free to anywhere in the U.S. Later in September.

The Hippie Hobby box was created out of the want and need for a little time to unwind for individuals needing to relax after work. What began as a small group of friends getting together for a night of wine, a potluck, and crafting, became much more when Heidi and Jennifer saw the need to cater to friends who either lived out of state or were unable to make the craft night.

Being a busy entrepreneur I needed a way to relax and de-stress after managing all my different projects. I had always been interested in crafting and decided I would start a crafting group with my friends and it became a big hit,” said Heidi Koffman, Co-Founder of The Hippie Hobby.

A cornerstone of The Hippie Hobby box, from the products used to the packaging paper, is to offer a DIY craft kit that incorporates natural, recycled or up-cycled materials making The Hippie Hobby box a more eco-friendly subscription box option for DIY crafters.

When Heidi started The Hippie Hobby she wanted to incorporate green and natural elements into the crafts projects, I was able to develop creative and economical ways for us to accomplish this goal as we developed The Hippie Hobby box concept for an expanded audience,” said Jennifer Racer, Co-Founder of The Hippie Hobby.

The Hippie Hobby is excited for their launch and September distribution deadline and invite moms, dads, working individuals, and those that love to craft to sign up, escape the world of technology and get creative! Visit the Hippie Hobby at www.thehippiehobby.com.

About The Hippie Hobby: The Hippie Hobby was co-founded by Heidi Koffman and Jennifer Racer in 2015 and will officially launch with their first distribution in September. The Hippie Hobby is an every-other-month DIY surprise subscription box where subscribers will receive a box complete with instructions and materials to create fun, stress-free, and economical homemade crafts with a natural twist. From the products to the packaging paper, The Hippie Hobby box prides itself on offering a product that incorporates natural, recycled or up-cycled materials making it a more eco-friendly option for DIY crafters.