Photo courtesy of The Nixer

The Valley has welcomed its newest entrant into the thriving “sober curious” movement: The Nixer, Phoenix’s premier non-alcoholic pop-up bar, is making waves by offering patrons intricate cocktails sans the spirits.

Established to cater to the conscientious drinker, The Nixer eschews traditional mocktails and Shirley Temples for a sophisticated menu of craft beverages developed by expert ‘nixologists.’ These drinks are not just devoid of alcohol; they are infused with a medley of beneficial ingredients like adaptogens, nootropics, mushroom strains, and CBD, ensuring patrons get more than just a refreshing sip.

The pop-up bar, ingeniously fashioned from a repurposed horse/utility trailer, is an embodiment of a growing trend. As many individuals, spanning all age groups, increasingly reevaluate their relationship with alcohol, The Nixer positions itself at the forefront of this movement in Phoenix. The bar’s presence is notable at various events, markets, and dry “happy hours” around the city, delivering an alcohol-free, high-quality beverage experience.
Beyond its regular appearances, The Nixer offers its services for private and corporate events, tailoring its offerings to the specific ambiance and flavor preferences desired by the host. At these events, nixologists not only serve the drinks but also educate attendees about the craft and benefits behind their unique concoctions.

The creation of The Nixer was inspired by Kristine Abrams-Petersman’s personal journey. Having questioned her own alcohol habits during the pandemic, she discovered a wealth of non-alcoholic beverage options that catered to her social needs without compromising her health. Alongside her husband, Roger Petersman, Kristine seized the opportunity to acquire The Nixer earlier this year when its original owners decided to sell. Since taking over in March, the couple hosted their inaugural event in April and have been on an exciting journey ever since. The Nixer’s official ribbon cutting was in August.

The menu, which evolves according to the events they attend, has featured drinks such as The Rusty, a blend of passion fruit and lemon; Sweet Heat, a botanical drink with strawberry, lime, and ginger; and even non-alcoholic beers. They also offer beverages tailored for kids, like the blue swirl, a guava lemonade with sparkling water.
The overarching mission for The Nixer is simple: provide high-quality, craft beverage options for those who opt out of alcohol, ensuring that their choices don’t limit their social experiences. While the Petersmans and The Nixer are not against alcohol, they firmly believe in giving everyone the choice of a craft cocktail, alcoholic or not.

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