By Scot Andrews, President and CEO,
Peoria Chamber of Commerce

The Peoria Chamber of Commerce is focusing on the health and wellness space, and in partnership with local business expertise, working to improve the mind, body and spirit of Peoria residents and businesses to form a new Health and Wellness Committee.

“We are at a moment in history when we have been faced with the reality that true health does not come from a pill bottle, nor from things that are done to us, but rather from our own commitment to our bodies, minds and spirits through our daily habits,” says Sheryl Iszler, owner of Trinity Chiropractic.

The pandemic had an immense impact on all of our social norms. Add the mental frustrations of social distancing in the workplace, personal networks and community, and overall health was damaged. The Peoria Chamber of Commerce believes they can aid in this effort, partnering with their members in the health and wellness space to charter the new Health and Wellness Committee.

Peoria Chamber member companies such as Sun Health, Trinity Chiropractic, Arrowhead and Lake Pleasant Fit Body Boot Camps, Valleywise Health, and Banner Health, to name a few, have joined together to define an agenda to focus on the most common health conditions that impact locals. They seek to help the community maintain and improve their quality of life through healthy lifestyle choices. Interested companies are welcome to join, volunteer and contribute to this journey. By focusing on wellness services and support such as education, balance, mobility, nutrition, fitness, mental health, and weight management, a life can be improved.

Kelly Sullens, owner of both Arrowhead and Lake Pleasant Fit Body Boot Camps, shares, “To build healthy lifestyle choices for the long run, we have to realize that it’s not just proper eating habits and physical activity that aid in making us healthy. We have to be mentally ready to make a change, too. It’s our mission to help open the minds of our community to be ready to make the simple changes that will lead to living happier, living healthier, and living longer, together.”

Kelly will chair the formation of this new Health and Wellness Committee, build a team, and craft the initiatives and milestones that will impact the community to be healthier and more disciplined, one changed life at a time.

The Peoria Chamber is always looking for thought leaders to serve on all of their committees to contribute ideas, create community, and business-based events to improve the quality of life in Peoria and surrounding cities. To learn more about the Peoria Chamber of Commerce and its new committee, visit or call 623-979-3601.