By Gene Malowany

A mentor of mine once said “To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and even amuse.”
—Paul Rand, Professor of Design, Yale University, R.I.P.

Paul was talking about the influence of branding on graphic design—the deeper thought process that guides the design direction and creates sustainable in-demand companies and products. Just ask ABC, UPS, and IBM—all clients of Mr. Rand. How ironic that Paul uttered these words in the 70s about the real intent of graphic design today.

21st-century audiences would tell you that “value and meaning” are the direct decision-making forces in their purchasing habits today. Pretty important, right?

When diving into the graphic design realm, your success depends on finding a knowledgeable AND experienced designer or design team. Why?

We understand that Business Intent is Critical
This is achieved by [1] designing to create a competitive advantage in tough marketplaces [2] expressing the spirit of the times (you never want to look old) and [3] leading and influencing public taste so you own a good share of your market.

We Protect Our Clients
This occurs by [1] implementing very good research on your endeavor [2] collaborating in a professional, direct manner and [3] challenging you to open up other avenues of thought—we protect you from limiting yourself. Discovering Your Authentic Brand is our critical procedure to ensure that all insights have legs.

We are Brand Strategists and Start-up Advisors
Most people think a logo and website is a brand. Not! These items are 20 percent of a brand—the visual portion. A real brand is your promise to your audience. How you deliver—or not deliver—on that promise is what will make-or-break your endeavor. Developing and holding to a strategy is key.

We Implement Storytelling
Whether created by us or you, it’s our job to get your words read, whether on social media or on a printed flyer. This creates “talkability”—the new word-of-mouth on steroids. Talkability can make difficult-to-understand or abstract concepts easily accessible to your audience.

We are Human
Our methodologies are relationship based; marrying the pragmatism of business with the intuitive intelligence of the human soul, to build you a transcendent advantage in the marketplace.

You need this type of experience if your:
• business idea is killer but you’re afraid to take the first step.
• endeavor is going nowhere despite your best efforts.
• sales are diminishing or stagnant.
• design doesn’t stack up against your competition.
• design doesn’t clarify why you’re different.
• brand has lost its distinctiveness.

Malowany Creative cultivates ideas that touch the hearts of your audience and re-ignites the dreams and aspirations of your brand. Challenging old ways, inspiring bold new views into your market, and focusing on business sustainability, is what our style of graphic design is all about.

Gene Malowany of Malowany Creative, is a national, award-winning design and branding guru based in Scottsdale. His in-depth experience allows his team to cut to the core of what your business needs to be successful whether it’s a start-up, a next-level business, or a Fortune giant. Contact Gene at or 720-352-1396. Visit