About 2.7 million high school students enroll in at least one online course, according to Education Week. According to US News, the percent of college students enrolling in online courses increases dramatically each year. With the demand for online schooling increasing, it’s important to know your options. And to know what types of programs might be best for your needs. Primavera Online High School, the largest online school in Arizona, explains its programs available in this article.

Why take an online course?
As Jayde Kolb, a Primavera graduate, said: “Online school helps you achieve responsibility, taking charge of your own learning,” said Kolb. “I’ve heard college stories saying you’re not going to have someone babysitting you, and I think with online school, you get that experience already…it gives you that experience to go and be able to take charge of your own learning, education and responsibilities.”

For Arizona, the main reason students take online courses is to make up a failed class. Some will also take courses in order to lighten their load or make room for more elective courses.

Programs offered:

Tuition-free summer school
Arizona’s largest summer school program is offered tuition free through Primavera. It’s four-week classes that happen in June and July. Students can enroll during the summer, complete a course, then return to their schools. Or, they can start with summer school and become a full-time student.

Summer courses start June 3 and July 1. Learn more at freesummerschool.com

Part-time enrollment
Sometimes students fail courses before the end of the school year and want to recover it quickly. That’s where part-time enrollment comes into play. Students can take one course with Primavera while enrolled at their current school. This allows them to stay on track to graduate without having to wait for summer school.

Traditional semester courses
Semester-long courses are available to 6–12th grade students. Middle school students (6–8th grade) solely follow a semester schedule for a better transition from traditional school to online.

High school students can choose semester or six-week courses, but this is generally the best option. It allows students a quality education straight from the comfort of home.

In this program, students take about six courses at a time, just like they would at a brick-and-mortar school. It’s a great option for those look to escape distractions and focus on their education.Semester classes start August 5.

Six-week courses
This program is best for 11th graders and older who are behind on credits. It can be an option to graduate early for the few high achievers, but this is meant to be a safety net for the alternative students who weren’t doing well in traditional school for whatever reason.

This option offers 2–3 courses every six weeks. The accelerated model helps students focus on fewer courses at a time, while potentially knocking out extra credits than they would in the semester-long schedule.

Six-week classes have classes enrolling every two weeks, so students can start anytime throughout the school year.

Learn more about Primavera at Choose-Primavera.com.