By Joseph Callaway

Years ago, I needed something fixed. I can’t even remember what it was, but I know it was important that I have the work done by an expert. What I do remember was the sign on the counter of his shop. It said “Fast, good and cheap – pick two.” I recall the wisdom of that sign often. If you want something done fast and cheap, well, it isn’t likely to be any good. If you want it done fast and good, it probably won’t be cheap. And if you want work that is good and cheap, you may as well be willing to wait your turn. “Pick two.” Wisdom from an old repairman.

Lately, I’ve thought about how this applies to the current real estate market. Some people want to sell fast. Some people want to sell easy with no effort on their part. Finally, some people want top dollar for their home. Well, pick two.

If you want fast and easy, you are likely to leave a lot of money on the table. If you want fast and top dollar, you will need to do the work of putting your home in its most attractive condition. And if you want top dollar and easy, you must expect the process to take time. Pick two.

At Those Callaways we are determined to put every client first and, if you just want to be done quickly and easily, we will help you get the best investor offer possible. Bear in mind, these buyers are out to make a profit and, if you go it alone with a direct buyer, you can cost yourself thousands of dollars that we might be able to get for you.

What we prefer at Those Callaways is to get our clients top dollar, which is often not easy and/or not quick, but we believe it’s worth it. You are worth it, because we are dedicated to putting you, our client, first.

Joseph Callaway is co-owner of Those Callaways, an independent brokerage operating in 85254 for 25 years. For additional information, visit or call 480-596-5751.