Thanksgiving is just ahead of us and many employers are already stressing and focusing on end-of-year holiday parties for their staff. Why stressed? Simple; company parties involve a lot of planning, they’re expensive and due to the holidays, many employees have other commitments – so attendance is never a guarantee. However, that shouldn’t be a discouragement. Below are three simple reasons you should have a holiday party.

1. It builds culture. Most companies in this day in age are working on establishing, growing or reinforcing a culture within. The holiday party is a fun and low-key way to demonstrate to staff members what you are really about. Bring out key elements of your company culture within the party and hone in on employee recognition. Having a company party shows your staff that you value their happiness and want to create a fun place for them to work.

2. Allow employees to get to know each other on a personal note, not just business. More importantly, it allows them to get to you know, the boss, on a more personal note – which builds trust.

3. Shows gratitude. By incorporating some type of employee recognition into the holiday party, employees feel valued and grateful. Throwing a party shows them they are valuable as people, not just something you throw a check at for a year-end bonus.

So now that it’s settled to have one…what are the next steps?

Company Holiday Party Checklist
Go on, cut it out and get started (or give it to your boss if you’re an employee wanting a company party).

Set a date
• Pick a couple of date options and send an email out to employees asking them to choose one. Majority date wins!
• Send a “Save The Date” – you can text this, email this or get fancy and set cards on everyone’s desk. Whatever you do, employees need time to plan ahead (i.e. get a sitter, coordinate with spouse, shop for an outfit and a small gift).

Set the budget
• Set a maximum budget for the event
• Choose party essentials
• A dinner is sufficient, but if you want to add entertainment, that should be in the budget
• Put a little extra aside – for “incidentals”

Determine what type of party
• Dinner party or luncheon?
• Activity included (bowling, ice skating, etc)

• Office
• Home
• Restaurant (start early, many restaurants book out by mid November!)
• Local venue – Supporting local venues supports the community – think outside the box!

• Cater to location
• Potluck
• Sit-down dinner style

Send out invitations
• Set a firm RSVP date so you order the appropriate amount of food.

Have fun!

Looking for a unique venue with fun activities for your holiday party? Craft Nights is a BYOB, women-owned DIY arts and crafts studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Craft Nights offers space that can accommodate up to 24 while providing a fun craft as an activity – normally string art, because it’s all the craze. Cater food in, relax and have fun. Email [email protected] or call 602-341-3570 and ask for Heidi to inquire.