Open Houses can be a great way to further expose a home to more potential buyers. The more exposure, the better. Not every open house visitor is a serious buyer but Realtors never know who will come. The next person through the door could be the Buyer

Putting out open house signs can bring in a variety of visitors. Some people like to go to open houses just for fun – to see what’s out there. Often people will follow the signs and find themselves in front of the home only to discover that it’s a two-story but they need a one story (or vice-versa). Most of the time they go in anyway due to basic curiosity. Often neighbors will venture in to check out the listing. They want to see what’s going on in the neighborhood, how much the seller is asking and, of course how it is decorated. Also, often a Realtor will bring their client through an open house; either from being in the area and following the signage or from the posting on the Multiple Listing Service. We never know, but one thing is certain – we welcome everyone. A neighbor might have a friend or family member looking for a home like yours.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when your home is on the market.

  • Be certain that all personal items are put away safely (jewelry, checkbooks, etc).

  • Don’t leave persona information where it can be seen.

  • Lock up your pharmaceuticals.

  • Be sure every countertop is clean and clear.

  • Make sure the closets are tidy (if they look stuffed, the message to a buyer is “there isn’t enough room.”)

  • In general, depersonalize your home as much as possible so the potential buyer can picture their lifestyle in your home vs. being fascinated by your family photos and trophies. We want them to visualize just the space so they can mentally be placing their furniture.

  • We are personally strong proponents of having two people at open houses, especially if it is occupied. Not only is it safer for the Realtor but also there are two people to assist and keep an eye on the property.

Open houses are at the option of the seller. Especially since the home is occupied since the seller and family need to leave during the hours the house is held open. But, it is also a great opportunity for the owners to have a fun afternoon out!