Local. What does that really mean? Many businesses call themselves a “local business” and serve the greater Phoenix Metro area. Though this is still a local business by all means of the definition, few companies focus on being as local to those they serve than True Method Pool Care.

Owned and operated by a local 85254 resident, True Method focuses on serving the local residents in this area and this area only. Though there was a time when the True Method team expanded their reach through many zip codes, they have narrowed their focus to stay local. Thus, they are able to focus on serving their neighbors with the best they have to give.
This change allowed True Method to build on what they value most – relationships. Each client relationship is valued and appreciated. They don’t want someone’s business for a season but for a lifetime.

What better way to build lasting relationships than to serve the very community they live in?

What does that mean for you – the True Method Client?
Since True Method team members focus on routes within the local zip code, they can take the time they need to clean and care for your pool properly. Their pool care experts aren’t racing off to get to another pool that’s 20 minutes away. This causes them to cut corners and feel rushed. True Method wanted their team members to know they can be intentional and thorough in the work they do for each client they serve.

Also, as a local business, they have been able to build partnerships with the local Leslie’s Pool Supplies stores. With four stores in the area, you can take advantage of this relationship as a True Method customer.

To serve the community further, True Method is preparing to launch an online membership program for those who would prefer to clean their pools themselves. This will allow the DIYer to be proactive in their pool care efforts just like the pros!

Give. Live. Work. Play.
True Method’s owner, Roger, and his wife sponsor the local Horizon High School football program. They believe that there is value in giving back to young people in the community.
Not only does True Method give back to the Huskies football program, but they are involved in other local community organizations, including attending church within the community.

Interested in joining their team? Go to truemethodcareers.com.

For more information on their upcoming membership program or other True Method news, follow them on Facebook @TrueMethodPoolCareExperts or subscribe to their YouTube channel by going to YouTube.com and searching for “True Method.”

This content is sponsored by True Method Pool Care.