Big news for those of you who are craft beer aficionados and live in the Deer Valley area. Two new brew pubs are soon to open in the airpark area, offering craft beer and good times for all!

The Front Pourch will be opening its first location in the early part of July at 1611 W Whispering Wind Dr., #7, Phoenix. For you craft brew fans, Front Pourch has been pushing out some amazing concoctions for years and is now taking those beloved family recipes to the public. We were fortunate enough to tour their facility recently and were amazed at the fun and friendly décor. Styled in a similar manner to an old-time western bar, Front Pourch offers a spacious open-air concept with darts, games and plenty of hometown feel. An open view of the brew tanks keeps you not only entertained, but in the know on what’s new. You will never feel overcrowded; whether a couple of buddies getting together for a beer after work or a large event, there is plenty of room for seating. Wanting to make a splash like no other, Front Pourch plans to open with five unique recipes. Keep up with their progress by following them on Instagram @frontpourchbrewing

Business partners Marshall Norris and Mathew Wright will open Borderlands Brewing and Public House mid-summer 2019 at 701 W Deer Valley Rd. Borderlands Brewing Company, a seven-year established Tucson brand, inspired the two with their carefully crafted beer, connection to the community, involvement with educational foundations, and their focus on running sustainable business. The Phoenix location is a separate company completely but will hold the same commitment in craft and community. “The primary focus will always be on craft beer,” Norris said. “But we want to take what Borderlands is doing with the community in Tucson and amplify it up here.” This will include regular educational talks on varying subjects from craft beer science to rain water harvesting. Borderlands Phoenix will also offer to host as a new venue for local organizations. North Phoenix has already proven to be a flourishing market for Borderlands beer and the area was carefully chosen to meet all of the needs of the brand; a strong community and a growing market for craft beer. For those of you who enjoy the Borderlands brand already, expect your favorite flagship beers, specialty releases, and new specialty beers produced locally in Phoenix at the new location. What else does the future hold? Soon you’ll be able to enjoy local guest beer, wine, cider, and mead. Although there will not be food served from Borderlands Public House, they will be partnering with local restaurants, including neighboring business Habanero Fresh, to provide a complete experience. Keep an eye on the progress at