Most people think of South America or Africa when they hear about a food crisis, truth is we have food crisis right here in our own backyard. We as a community need to do something about it – come see how Deer Valley Residents can help in your community!

Two young brothers that attend Imago Dei Community Church decided to hold a canned food drive for their community and friends this holiday season. Mother of Jonathan and Caden stated, “The boys started to ask me questions about some of the homeless people we saw around town. I explained that this is one of the reasons churches, schools, and local business do food drives over the holidays. I was told by them, that THEY wanted to do more. So, after some research on my part, I found out that there are quite a few families at Paseo Hills that are in need of help during this time. We sat down as a family and Jonathan and Caden asked me, ‘how can they get to help their friends?’ We brainstormed some more, to see just what the boys can do to help their friends. After raiding the piggy banks, I asked them how they thought we can do more. So, I put the word out on Facebook that The DeCelle boys are raising food and toys for their friends at school. So my two wonderful boys are determined to help get Christmas to their classmates.”

Imago Dei Church will be accepting donations of food and toys Monday-Thursday in their office, from 9am-5pm, until Dec 18th.

Jonathan and Caden will then help deliver Christmas to their friends and class mates. Here is a little about what Jonathan and Caden had to say about their experience thus far.

Q. What has been the most memorable part of doing this fundraiser?

A. Knowing that we helped families in need. Because to help people, especially with no food, is the right thing to do.

Q. Is this the first time you have done a fundraiser? If not, what else have you done besides this one?

A. Yes, this is first time like this. Up until now we have only done the normal school PTA fundraisers.

Q. Would you want to do something like this again in the future?

A. Yes, because it’s for a good cause. Some kids, and even their families, are going to bed hungry; and I’m not. (going to bed hungry)

Q. When you have free time, what are some things you enjoy doing?

Jonathan enjoys reading, working on extra math, bike riding and skateboarding.

Caden enjoys playing board games, riding his bike and scooters….basically anything outside.

The Christmas season is about hope. This Christmas, Imago Dei Community Church will bring hope to those who need it the most.