Up, Up and Away

Sky Ranch Lodge offers unforgettable views of the Sedona Red Rocks

By J. Adam Burch and Stacey Lane


It looks round. There is water covering most of it, and in all the chaos, at the subatomic level there is a pattern to our world. Earth, though uneven, pock-marked, cracked and mossy, it has in its layers a perfect adherence to rules governing the entire universe. Invisible forces seize us and promise we will not float away.

Energy that cannot be created, nor destroyed, having existed before us and long after we are gone, with little or no explanation, will only change form according to laws of physics. We can change some forms of energy and make light or run the blender, but there are few places in nature where physical manifestations show us subtle, and not-so-subtle reminders of what humans may have dismissed as pseudoscience, myth or legend.
There are unique realms that exist today, where the imperfection of earth’s surface is part of a complex circuit that only theories can trace and imagination can fathom. The views from the Sky Ranch in Sedona, Arizona may storm your senses and a spiritual journey may call you into a different dimension.


Set atop Airport Mesa 500 feet above the center of town surrounded by dramatic vistas, this scenic hotel is next to Sedona Airport and 0.7 miles from an energy vortex site.  The birds-eye view of the Sedona Red formations ensures a peaceful stay that will cradle your next red rock adventure.

The spacious guest rooms offer traditional amenities with free Wi-Fi that will keep you dialed in.  An outdoor crystal clear pool offers a refreshing reprieve, while shade trees and beautiful garden pathways guide your way to an expansive brick terrace with breathtaking views.



Situated at Sedona’s highest point, the Sky Ranch Lodge is a perfect choice for an event. The Lookout at Sky Ranch Lodge is a Sedona favorite for a wedding venue and can be rented for any special outdoor event.  The terra-cotta terrace offers expansive views, while the peaceful overtones simultaneously provide a feeling of gratitude and fulfillment.  There is another vantage point steps from the lodge that many travel from afar to catch a glimpse of these unforgettable views of the Sedona Red Rocks.

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