Residents of north Peoria, Glendale, and Phoenix love the mountains, natural desert landscape, great schools and relative affordability this area offers; however, they are looking for more when it comes to shopping and dining. One sentiment heard over and over is the need for more options when it comes to unique dining, healthy food choices, and specialty shopping experiences.

How great would it be to drive, bike, or even walk a few miles down the road for a night out? Wouldn’t you love to be able to grab the perfect gift or just have a place in the community to hang out with friends or family without having to drive so far? Upper West Side PHX is trying to make that happen!

This area has seen a lot of growth the past few years and is continuing to grow rapidly, with over 4,000 new homes already planned and being built. As the area continues to grow and traffic increases, the demand for local shopping and dining within the community is also increasing. Upper West Side PHX is a grassroots movement started by community members and organized on social media encouraging specialty shops and restaurants to locate to the Northwest Valley. Upper West Side PHX has been working closely with the City of Peoria, developers, business owners, etc. sharing input from area residents that are tired of driving to Central Phoenix and Scottsdale to enjoy unique eateries and shops not currently available in this area.

The Upper West Side is grossly underserved when it comes to specialty shops and restaurants. Residents are already spending their money in other parts of the Valley but are ready, willing, and able to support local entrepreneurs closer to home. Bringing these businesses to the area will help the community form an identity, increase community involvement, increase property values, and bring in more tax dollars. There is strength in numbers so please join the movement!

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