In 1962 when the Playboy Club opened in New York City, the town was bustling with pretty women who wanted to be the next bunny, of such an iconic brand. In 1970, Barbara (Bobbie) Barbella, an aspiring actress saw a cover of Playboy Magazine, and said “I want to be that girl.” Not long after, Bobbie was the newest bunny at the New York City club. As a bunny in New York City, Bobbie met celebrities such as Sammy David Jr., Joey Bishop, Elton John and John Cassavetes. Her first ever customer was Johnny Carson, who asked her to go for a ride around Central Park with him.


In August 1970, Bobbie met the man of her dreams on a slow night at the club. Jules was 40 years older than her though. After many trials and tribulations, Bobbie and Jules wed on January 20, 1973 in Roseland, New Jersey, and moved down to Miami together. 


Bobbie and Jules moved to Arizona in 2003, as Jules health was declining. Bobbie knew that when he passed away, she wanted to be close to her family. Jules passed away in 2006 after a long-marriage of 33 years.  


Bobbie has just released a new book, Ageless, which tales her story about being a Playboy Bunny and her life with Jules. Her life with Jules was so unique, she wanted to honor his legacy by telling their story, and inspire others to know that when true love is involved, anything is possible.


Bobbie is happily remarried to her husband Jimmy and lives in North Scottsdale. To read more about Bobbie’s remarkable life, her book can be purchased on Amazon.