Cannafyl CEO Ed Chaney shares his personal journey and the benefits of CBD during these unprecedented times

Photos by Kimberly Carrillo

This month marks a year since the start of unparalleled changes in everyday life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, CBD has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking for solutions to stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. But, how do you know what to buy or where to start? Locally based Cannafyl can help.

Ed Chaney, founder and CEO of Cannafyl, is well-known for being a leading cannabinoid expert, successful business owner, entrepreneur, podcast host, and producer. Based in Scottsdale, Ed continues to combine his people-driven business insight with his passion to lead and evolve. He’s positively impacted thousands of lives through his businesses and plans to impact many more.

Cannafyl’s Beginnings:
His Purpose and Passion

Ed’s personal and unexpected inspiration came as his mother began her second fight with cancer. He witnessed the many years she went through the cancer and chemotherapy cycle. Cannabis was starting to emerge in the news and Ed took a hopeful look into this alternative. As he learned more, he discovered hemp-derived CBD and thought it would be more effective than medical marijuana.
CBD is one of over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids found within the hemp and cannabis plants. This molecule is known for its therapeutic interaction with all mammals’ naturally occurring Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, according to Cannafyl. The ECS helps regulate the body’s homeostasis processes, such as sleep cycles, blood pressure, body temperature, and more. CBD derived from hemp is federally legal.

Although resistant to this alternative solution at the beginning, in 2016 his mother became increasingly ill and went from a walker, to a wheelchair, and from a wheelchair to a bedridden version of her former self.

“She finally agreed to start taking the smallest doses of CBD,” Ed recalls. “Even at the smallest concentration, I saw first-hand the incredible impact CBD could have in minimizing the debilitating side-effects of the cancer. I was also able to provide my mother with some peace and comfort in her final days.”

Ed’s loss of his mother fueled his drive to understand why the chemotherapy and radiation treatments were so toxic and brutal. He also made it a mission to learn how to make the hemp-derived CBD solution available to people looking for an alternative to this and various other pharmaceutical-focused treatments with negative side effects.

Backed by Science. Built for Health.
In 2017, Ed and his wife Kim’s journey led them to start Cannafyl, a powerhouse poised to provide non-pharmaceutical, cannabinoid-based solutions for today’s common health issues. Alongside highly regarded, hand-selected chemists and a team of researchers, they dedicated themselves to producing effective, full-spectrum CBD products for people and even pets.

“In a rapidly growing, unregulated industry, my team and I are committed to standing out with the Cannafyl line of products, which combine cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils,” Ed explains. “The products are supported by third-party testing, earning the trust of those in search of high-quality, effective, leading-edge solutions free of pharmaceutical-related side effects.”

Cannafyl was created out of a drive to go beyond what is currently possible and to provide people with alternatives to pharmaceutical-based treatments.

“We have a powerful line of products that address particular issues people are dealing with,” he explains. “Our most requested right now is help with high levels of stress and anxiety and support for a better quality of sleep.”

Cannafyl Balance, which is taken sub-lingually, meaning just a few drops under the tongue, is shown to help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and reduce reaction to stress.

“This has been a much-needed solution for people as we’ve been navigating through personal and professional circumstances stemming from COVID-19,” Ed says. “This product has options for full and extra strength to bring you back into emotional balance. We can all use a little help managing our stress levels right now, and this is a convenient, safe, non-pharmaceutical option.”

Cannafyl Relax is also taken sub-lingually and is shown to help you fall asleep easier, reduce restlessness, and improve sleep patterns.

“Our ability to perform at our best levels during the day has so much to do with the quality of our sleep,” Ed explains. “If you’ve been craving a good night’s sleep, this is the product you want. We offer three levels of strength to help you get more restful and longer sleep periods.”

Every batch of CBD oil Cannafyl formulates has been tested for quality and purity. You can easily find the results published under the about section on the website, There is also a Cannafyl retail store located at 15030 North Tatum Blvd., Ste. 130, in Phoenix.
“Kim is our CBD expert on hand at the store and we really encourage people to come in and ask questions, see the products first-hand and learn more about the power of our high-quality, science-backed options to support your health,” Ed says. “If preferred, the products are also available to purchase on our website at”

Understanding the Relationship Between CBD and the Body
“Educating people about how the body and CBD work together is something I’m extremely passionate about,” Ed says. “The more we understand, the more power we have to make educated decisions about the options available to us.”

Ed hosts the The CBD Ed Show with Ed Chaney, a weekly podcast on VoiceAmerica.

The CBD Ed Show brings together industry experts, health professionals, researchers and individuals who share their insight, stories and real-world experiences with CBD. As with any new industry, there are good and bad players and lots of questions from clinicians and consumers.

“The CBD-ed Show brings you the best of the industry and delivers the answers to your questions about CBD and how it can give you your life back,” Ed shares.

The live show airs every Friday at 11 a.m. PST, and locally at noon, at, as well as on Facebook Live. You can access previously aired episodes as well. Find Cannafyl on Facebook @Cannafyl, on Instagram @cannafylcbd or Twitter @cannafyl. The Cannafyl retail store is located at 15030 North Tatum Blvd., Ste. 130 in Phoenix, and products are available online at

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