By Kristine Wright of Savvy Charlie Studio

Weight loss is more than a goal these days; it’s an entire industry. That’s why finding the right services to help you can be tricky. No matter the environment, we all want to look our best. That often means targeting specific areas in the body where stubborn fat lies. This can help achieve that contoured look. There are various ways on how to do that – surgical contouring and minimally invasive procedures have already been proven and used by a lot of people. One treatment that may help you slim down is ultrasonic cavitation body sculpting. But what is ultrasonic cavitation, exactly, and how does it help you with your weight loss goals?

Put simply, ultrasonic cavitation is a weight-loss treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves to burst fat cells and reduce cellulite, which may result in lost inches on the treated areas and (ultimately) a slimmer figure. This FDA-approved treatment has been growing in popularity over the last few years because, while traditional liposuction requires surgery to remove fat, this procedure doesn’t. Ultrasonic cavitation appeals to many people partly because there is no downtime.

This treatment is advertised as a “lunch break procedure,” meaning that your appointment can usually be completed in less than an hour (depending on your area of treatment). You can drive immediately afterward, and you can even return directly to work after having it done.

This technique uses machines that are able to direct high-energy waves. Once these waves hit the body, they create microbubbles that are comprised of vapor. These bubbles occur within the fat tissue and among interstitial liquid. Called the cavitation effect, this technique causes the interstitial liquid to transition between several phases. It starts to expand and contract. Before long, fat cells implode and the water and fat within them are released into the body’s tissue. This liquid and fat are then absorbed and processed out of the body by the liver. Essentially, it causes fat to be consumed and removed by the body. This technique is effective at removing stubborn fat and reducing cellulite. It has also been used to tighten the skin and improve body physique.

After treatment care is very simple; drink plenty of water, eat low carb non-processed foods, 20 minutes of exercise, no caffeine/alcohol and extra fruits/vegetables to help the body process the fat out over the next three days. The body will effectively remove the fat within 72 hours after treatment. The total number of sessions required depends on the treatment area and the individuals body type. Typically, individuals will need four to six treatments per area to achieve optimal results.

The treatment takes anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours depending on the areas treated. Costs vary depending on the area you’re getting treated but the average cost is $200-$350 per treatment. The end results are 20-30% of fat cells eliminated, inches lost and a boost in confidence by the client.

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