By Joseph Callaway

Twenty-five years ago, when JoAnn and I were new agents, we wrote an offer for Donna on a house on Voltaire Drive. The listing agent had obviously suffered a prior complaint about a property in the 85254 zip code because the counter offer said, “Buyer understands and agrees that this home (on Voltaire) is not in the city of Scottsdale. It is in the city limits of Phoenix. Although the U.S. Post Office mailing address is designated as Scottsdale. Repeat – this home is in Phoenix, not Scottsdale.”
Well, JoAnn and I looked at this statement and we figured this issue must have been a problem for this agent in the past. We also looked at this “problem” and asked “How is this a bad thing?” Folks in 85254 get to live in Scottsdale according to their mailing address without all the higher costs and restraints that Scottsdale imposes on its residents. For example, if your home is in Scottsdale city limits and you want to add on to your structure, you must provide architectural blueprints with your permit application. If you are in Phoenix, you may do your own drawing without an architect.

Also, the Paradise Valley Unified School District extends well into Scottsdale Proper and is considered to be excellent, so no negative there.
So we came up with “The Magic” 85254 zip code: Scottsdale mailing address, Phoenix taxes and utilities, and Paradise Valley schools. Over the years, most 85254 residents have embraced this magic as a good thing, unlike that cranky agent long ago.

If you want to know more about 85254, call Those Callaways Realty. We will be happy to show you property so that you too may experience the magic.

Joseph Callaway is the owner of Thoswe Callaways Realty; he lives in 85254 where he and JoAnn are proud to call home. For additional information, visit or call 480-596-5751.