By Joseph Callaway
Those Callaways Real Estate

Have you noticed that so many of our east/west streets in the Magic 85254 zip code are named after women? We asked this question way back in 1996 when we were just starting in real estate, and it seemed that the general consensus of the old timers in the business community back then was that as developers submitted new subdivision plans for approval, they were free to name the streets provided no other developer at that latitude had done so prior. So, every time someone asked us over the years, we responded that these were the names of these builder’s daughters. Now, these could be the names of their mother, wives or sisters, but we romanced it a bit and absent information to the contrary, we pictured proud fathers immortalizing the names of their children. So, when this question arose recently, and we decided to write about it, we felt we should ask the City of Phoenix and this is what their spokesperson said:
“Most of the subdivision developers suggest the names for the streets. The City of Phoenix will assign names to the streets if the developer does not suggest a name, or if the name suggested by the developer is determined unacceptable to the area. There are strict guidelines when naming streets.” – City of Phoenix
That brings us back to – who was Sandra Terrace? While we are at it, who was Michelle Drive? Or how about all these; Villa Theresa Drive, Annette Drive, Libby Street, Villa Rita Drive, Angela Drive, Helena Drive, Bella Drive, Beverly Lane, Kathleen Road, Carolina Drive, Terry Drive, Justine Road, Betty Elyse Lane, Karen Drive, Janice Way, Blanche Drive, Hillery Drive, Marilyn Road, Claire Drive, Sheena Drive, Sharon Drive, Jean Drive, Dahlia Drive, Corrine Drive, Sylvia Street, Laurel Lane, Jenan Drive, Ann Way, and Carol Way?

If you know any of these women, please let us know – we would love to hear from you. You can email whatever you have to [email protected]. If we use
your information in a future blog,
we will send you a Starbucks gift card on us.

Now, who named a street after a famous French Novelist who died mysteriously in 1902? Emile Zola was one of the most famous writers of the late nineteenth century. He was a naturalist and fan of Charles Darwin. He also defended Socialist Alfred Dreyfus, who was accused of giving top secret information to the Germans. Some say he was assassinated; others say his chimney needed cleaning.