In today’s world, when it comes to preparing kids for the future, there are few better ways to do so then by teaching them how to code. Not just for use in the technological age, but to develop academic skills, patience, and critical thinking. All of which are key components for success in school, life, and careers.

What is coding? Coding is what makes it possible for computer software, apps, and programs. Your browser, your computer’s operating system, the apps on your phone, Facebook and the World Wide Web, they’re all made with code. Just a simple website like Google requires hundreds of lines of code and full time teams of programmers to manage and maintain.

Most recently, there has been a lot of attention to IoT “Internet of Things” apps. These are the programs that run your entire house! Automatic thermostats, front door cameras, and Google Home and Alexa. There are many more of these technologies coming! Who will design and code these apps? Possibly your kids and grandkids!

New applications are being developed that will change our lifestyle and facilitate our work. As technologies expand into the 21st century, coding will become the single greatest tool to manage it.
Today’s kids do have a unique core understanding and natural sense of how programming works. Kids with even a little bit of experience, see the whole picture of technology with a new frame of mind. This was unimaginable in years past. But kids today get it and can see coding in a unique way. Learning to code also teaches children critical thinking and strong problem solving skills. Kids become empowered by the results of coding because there is an immediate gratification when they write a line of code and they see actions on a screen or a robot come to life.

As mind boggling as it seems to many adults, today’s kids embrace even radical new technologies like augmented reality, 3D printing, laser cutting, and artificial intelligence wholeheartedly. Yes that means even more coding! As you might be scratching your head, one thing is for certain, there’s no stopping the technological wave. Kids that learn to code will be ahead of this curve and ready to launch into great adventures and careers of the future.

We at Generation Tech are thrilled to serve your community as a neighborhood technology hub where kids of all ages can gain new concepts and learn to use and manage technology.