Young entrepreneurs in Deer Valley, Daniel Pitner, 20, and Dustin Dluhy, 20, from Arizona Production Rentals (AZ Pro Rents) are taking the event rental industry by storm. When they started their business they were both only 18 years old with the vision to become the biggest event rental shop in the valley. Putting only their humble savings into the business as investment capital they grossed $30,000 in just their second year of business!

Daniel and Dustin both have a strong passion for small business and inspiring other entrepreneurs to stop at nothing to reach their dreams. When they first started, most people did not take them seriously but viewed AZ Pro Rents as a fleeting “project”. Daniel and Dustin, however, were determined to prove them wrong. They see their youth as a unique advantage in an aging industry to bring innovation, energy, and creativity to their work.

This year Daniel and Dustin have their eyes set on their next mile stone: a $50,000 year. They plan on networking with others in the industry to form unique and lasting partnerships in order to offer their product to more people. “I believe in our product. I believe that we have the best service. I believe that people deserve the best. Because of this I have an intrinsic drive to get our services in the hands of as many individuals as possible”, says Daniel.

About AZ Pro Rents: AZ Pro Rents is a “one stop shop” for event rentals. They offer quality products at an affordable price. For more information and