By Joseph Callaway

As we gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, we might take a moment to count our blessings. In our real estate office, we thought about the changes over the last 25 years of selling homes. Here is our list of blessings. How many more can you come up with?

No Lead-Based Paint:
Toddlers once chewed windowsills and got sick. In 1978, lead-based paint was banned and now you never give it a thought.

No Asbestos Insulation or Popcorn Ceilings:
Another hazard gone away. This deadly material is a major carcinogen.

Artificial Turf:
A little pricey but what a nice alternative to big water bills and planting in the fall.

Solar Power:
It started as a way to heat swimming pools and today you can replace the power company. We especially like outdoor lights that charge all day and then light up the yard for free.

Home Water Filtration Systems:
City water is great for showers and cooking, but having pure, refreshing water available straight from the fridge or spigot makes you feel rich.

DIY – Do it Yourself:
Home Depot and Lowe’s have made home improvements something you can do yourself. Add to that YouTube tutorial videos and everyone is empowered.

LED Lights:
Save the planet one bulb at a time.

Home Inspections:
Regulated and licensed in the late 90’s, these professionals do a marvelous job of making homeowners aware of what needs to be done.

Home Warranties:
They take away the worry about major home repairs. These policies ease the peaks and valleys of repair costs.

Design Choices:
From flooring to countertops, today’s homeowner can personalize their space in more ways than ever before.

Quiet Appliances:
When Heather married and moved into her new home, she talked about her quiet dishwasher more than her new husband.

Shower Head Options:
There used to only be one shower head. Today, every shower can feel like a day at the spa.

Dual-Pane Windows:
Quieter, energy saving. What a difference from single panes that broke easily.

Gas Fireplaces or Propane:
I thought Duraflame beat chopping wood. Today we flip a switch and enjoy instant warmth on cool winter evenings.

Wireless Alarm Systems and Ring Doorbells:
DIY installation for the safety of your home and loved ones.

Again, make your own list. That’s what Thanksgiving is for.

Joseph Callaway is co-owner of Those Callaways Real Estate, Arizona’s leading independent brokerage located in the Magic 85254 zip code.