By Cristina Lenko

Scottsdale City Council recently approved the 2022 Transportation Action Plan (TAP 2022). The plan is focused on flexible transportation planning, implementing new technology, and investing in existing infrastructure. TAP 2022 is divided into five elements: Streets, Transit, Bikeways, Pedestrian use, and Trails.

“The Transportation Action Plan prioritizes enhancements to existing transportation modes throughout the city,” says Transportation and Streets Director Mark Melnychenko. “How we get around Scottsdale is constantly evolving. The action plan gives staff the flexibility to meet the changing transportation needs of our residents and visitors.”

TAP 2022 Priorities Include:
• Supporting sustainability and cost savings by preserving and maintaining infrastructure.
• Ensuring flexibility to respond to changing technology and shifting priorities.
• Closing system gaps and improving local and regional connectivity with path systems, trail corridors, and transit routes.
• Building complete streets to provide safe access for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.
• Enhancing transit services with increased trolley frequency and connections.

TAP 2022 was developed alongside the city’s 2035 General Plan and replaces the 2016 Transportation Master Plan. Approval by the City Council was preceded by a year-long public involvement process including public meetings, input from the Scottsdale Transportation Commission, and a work study session with City Council members.

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Cristina Lenko is the Transportation Public Information Officer for the city of Scottsdale.